Chemical Sciences

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry virtual laboratory is designed to introduce some spectroscopic and analytical techniques to students at various levels. Depending upon the nature of the source (energy), the material and their interaction there are various spectroscopic techniques that are widely studied in understanding chemical molecules and processes. In this context, we have developed ten sets of experiments which will cover the following techniques: Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy which involves study of an unpaired electron of an atom or molecule (paramagnetic species) Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in which the hydrogen nuclei of the compound/substance is studied in order to determine the structure of organic compound Infrared spectroscopy involves the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, is used for determination of functional groups in the compound. Mass spectroscopy is an analytical tool to weigh the molar masses of a given molecule. Voltammetry is an electroanalytical method in which the current is measured as a function of applied potential. The voltammogram gives the information of the analyte measured. Exposure to sophisticated and advance techniques, skills necessary to conduct experiment and interpret the data/spectra would be the outcome of the laboratory.

Please note:

- This lab requires few Software Dependencies to run the Simulations

  1. Adobe Flash Plugin - This will enable you to run the experiments that need Flash support. Please follow the  link to install the Flash Plugin